Tom FosterMentor

    Hi. I’m Tom Foster, and I’m 20 studying Television & Radio at the University of Salford. I’d love to be a graphic designer when I leave.

    Top 10:

    Favourite book: At the moment….Anything in the uni reading list!Tom

    Best box-set: Probably Family Guy Series 8, the jokes, man!

    Guiltiest pleasure: Occasionally watching Made in Chelsea with Rebecca. It was just on at the time OK

    Worst habit: Drinking

    Best junk food: Everything. At once.

    Favourite holiday: AUSTRALIA! I’m joking, I haven’t been there, but the quiet part of Ibiza was nice!!

    Worst holiday: Probably a wet day in Cleethorpes

    Best night in: Beer & pizza, obviously

    Most extravagant purchase: I’d be lying if I said my iMac wasn’t my baby, but the Chromecast is pretty nifty!

    The best thing about being a Media Factory Mentor: Apart from the fact that Caroline is my favourite person ever! I actually attended the Media Factory workshop when I was at college and it’s definitely the reason I came to uni.

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