Richard MoriartyTrainer

    Richard is the deputy northern news editor of the Sun.

    He started in journalism 17 years ago and got his first job on the Metro after journalism college. He then moved to London and worked on the Guardian’s website covering politics before moving to the Express graduate scheme. Richard went undercover to expose poor security at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester. He spent a year on the Daily Express in both Manchester and London before moving to New York to work for the National Enquirer. He moved back to London and worked for The London Paper for three years, becoming chief reporter, before going to work for the Sun six years ago.

    Top Ten:

    Favourite book: The Circle by Dave Eggers

    Desert Island Discs luxury item: Toothbrush

    Best box-set: Friday Night Lights

    Which living person do you most admire: Roy Keane

    Guiltiest pleasure:  A pint

    Worst habit: Biting nails

    What did you want to be when you were growing up: A footballer then a journalist

    Best junk food: Big Mac

    Most memorable interview: Wayne Rooney’s friends Jennifer Thompson and Helen Wood

    Most extravagant purchase: An expensive watch

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