Phil DaltonMentor

    Hi, I’m Phil Dalton. I’m the techy one, studying Professional Sound and Video Technology.

    Favourite book: Where’s WallyPhil

    Best box-set: Black Books/IT Crowd

    Guiltiest pleasure: I enjoy nothing too much

    Worst habit: Internet addict

    Best junk food: Fried Chicken

    Favourite holiday: Anywhere far from where I live

    Worst holiday: Anywhere close to where I live

    Best night in: Crate of beers, few friends and The Cornetto Trilogy

    Most extravagant purchase:  Three years tuition at Salford University, but worth every penny!

    The best thing about being a Media Factory Mentor: Introducing people to the world of TV and radio, and seeing young people getting over their fear of the microphone.

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