Meg LeeMentor

    My name is Meg; I am 19 years old from Bunbury, Cheshire studying Broadcast Journalism at the University of Salford. When I leave university I’d like to be working within TV preferably in either news or drama.


    Favourite Book: Harry Potter seriesmeg-lee

    Best Box Set: Pretty Little Liars

    Guiltiest Pleasure: Dominos

    Worst habit: Spending too much money

    Best Junk Food: Pizza, Dominos to be specific!

    Favourite Holiday: Beijing and Shanghai, China

    Worst Holiday: Camping

    Best Night in: Dominos, Galaxy chocolate and a film

    Most extravagant purchase: My three-month travelling package


    The best thing about being a Media Factory Mentor is that as I am helping children learn about cameras and journalistic skills, I get questions from them, which tests my knowledge. So overall, everyone is learning!

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