Kate TroyMentor

    I’m Kate Troy! I’m 20 years old and I’m from Darlington (North East of England if you don’t know where it is!). I’m studying Television and Radio at the University of Salford and I’m hoping to go into production and presenting within children’s television when I leave University. I love crazy sports and I have particularly been enjoying opening water swimming, indoor ski-diving, skiing, and snowboarding! I make some mean chocolate brownies too!

    Favourite book: Hmm… My favourite book as a child has got to be Horrid Henry! I loved him getting into mischief and Perfect Peter telling him off!Kate

    Best box-set: FRIENDS!

    Guiltiest pleasure: Watching Christmas films as soon as Halloween is over.

    Worst habit: Eating all my Pick ‘N’ Mix in one go.

    Best junk food: PICK ‘N’ MIX!

    Favourite holiday: Skiing in Italy

    Worst holiday: Going round alllll the museums in France with my Parents

    Best night in: Pizza, Popcorn, Pick ‘N’ Mix and a chick flick with my friends!

    Most extravagant purchase: My many coats… I have too many, ask the rest of the Mentors!

    The best thing about being a Media Factory Mentor in fewer than 20 words:

    I get to teach what I love, to children that love it just as much!

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