Joshua BoydMentor

    Hi! I’m the tall one, Joshua Boyd. I’m 21 and come from the magical land of Yorkshire! I’m currently finishing my Television and Radio Degree at the University of Salford, with the aim of working within a live new environment.


    Favourite book: The Very Hungry CaterpillarJosh

    Best box-set: Lost

    Guiltiest pleasure: Taylor Swift

    Worst habit: Coffee… Coffee…

    Best junk food: KFC Bargain Bucket

    Favourite holiday: Canada 2014 – Travelling Ontario

    Worst holiday: France 2003 – Broke 4 Fingers

    Best night in: Harry Potter

    Most extravagant purchase: First Digital Camera w/ Equipment

    The best thing about being a Media Factory Mentor in fewer than 20 words: Being able to practice the skills I love, and help others gain an insight into the world of media.


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