Alex WorthingMentor

    Hi, I’m Alex Worthing. I’m 20, from Scunthorpe and I’m studying Broadcast Journalism. I’m loving my shifts as a reporter in local radio but I’d like to work on network radio as a producer/newsreader. I love anything to do with commercial aviation!


    Top 10:

    Favourite book: No Frills: The truth behind the low-cost revolution in the Skies. I’m the ultimate #avgeek alex

    Best box-set: The Young Pope (Sky Atlantic)

    Guiltiest pleasure: Plane Spotting at Manchester Airport

    Worst habit: Having a lie-in rather than doing stuff I know needs to be done

    Best junk food: BBQ Meatball Pizza!

    Favourite holiday: Nana Beach in Stalis, Crete – 5th visit in a row next summer

    Worst holiday: Anywhere cold/no sunbed.

    Best night in: Mates, pizza, drink, music, and a spontaneous order of taxis for a night out 😉

    Most extravagant purchase: My car – a long way from being paid off!

    The best thing about being a Media Factory Mentor: Seeing their confidence build by the end of the day. It’s always such a laugh too, the day’s fly by.

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