Factory Feedback

  • “I grew in confidence so much while presenting and I had the chance to try completely new things.”

    Rachel, 19
  • “I didn’t think we’d actually be doing it. I thought we’d be watching other people. But we were actually in charge of the camera, filming, directing and presenting  on-screen. It was an amazing experience.”

    Dan, 16
  • “I loved being on the radio, creating and presenting my own game show.”

    Anna, 18
  • “An amazing week. I loved everything. The building is incredible, and working with industry experts and the student mentors was great.”

    Daniel, 19
  • “Loved the hands-on nature of the whole thing.”

    Gary, 16
  • “This opened my mind to all the different aspects of media and the world of TV and radio.”

    Dawn, 15
  • “The radio day was so much fun.”

    Sophie, 14
  • “The whole week gave me a much better idea of what I might want to go into when I leave school. I loved every bit of it.”

    Phoebe, 18
  • “What an eye opening week. Learned so much it’s hard to sum it up, from writing headlines, to making our own films, presenting and producing. Working in a team and making our own shows was an incredible opportunity.”

    Amy, 17.
  • “Loved presenting for radio and TV, but also learning all the technical aspects from the team too.”

    Sophie, 18

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